Weinstein Company Holdings – Court Allows Harvey Weinstein Limited Discovery

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October 23, 2018 – The Court hearing the Weinstein Company Holdings case approved in part and denied in part Harvey Weinstein’s motion to compel discovery from the Debtors pursuant to information and discovery requests under (i) Rule 2004 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and (ii) the Court’s previous 2004 Order [Docket No. 1625]. The order states, “The Debtors are ordered to produce to Mr. Weinstein documents reasonably related to Mr. Weinstein’s financial interest in the Excluded Projects listed in Schedule I to Mr. Weinstein’s 2015 employment agreement (the “Allowed Production”), at such location as Mr. Weinstein or the Debtors may hereafter agree….Mr. Weinstein’s Motion is denied to the extent it seeks any discovery beyond the Allowed Production….The Debtors and Mr. Weinstein shall meet and confer in good faith to agree upon a mutually acceptable methodology for identifying the documents comprising the Allowed Production.”

As previously reported [Docket No. 1430], Mr. Weinstein had argued, “For months Mr. Weinstein has attempted to secure vital information related to these cases from the Debtors and their professionals on a consensual basis and without the assistance of the Court. Nonetheless—and despite repeated promises to the contrary—Mr. Weinstein has received only minimal production of documents. Now, Mr. Weinstein seeks through the Court those documents that are essential to his ability to investigate and analyze the acts of the Debtors and his rights to property that he owns, so that he may determine the full extent of his claims against the Debtors and ensure that his property has not been improperly transferred to Lantern. Additionally, and more important, as the Court is well aware, Mr. Weinstein requires access to his personal files from his time at TWC in order to defend himself from the numerous criminal and civil allegations currently asserted against him, the ongoing defense of which inures to the direct benefit of the Debtors and their estates and creditors….In light of the failure of the Debtors and Lantern to provide Mr. Weinstein with the information that is vital to his ability to understand and assert his rights, claims and interests in the Debtors, he is now compelled to file this Motion.” 

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