Financial and Turnaround Advisory Firm Conway MacKenzie Launches Consumer Products Practice

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September 9, 2019 – Conway MacKenzie, a leading management consulting and financial advisory firm, today announced the launch of its Consumer Products Practice (CPP). The new group, established to help clients navigate ecommerce impact, demographic shifts and changing customer relationships, will be led by Conway MacKenzie Senior Managing Director Michael Musso, who has more than 30 years transforming and strengthening companies in executive roles. 

In a press release announcing the new practice group, Conway MacKenzie CEO Donald S. MacKenzie stated, "We are excited about the launch of Conway MacKenzie's Consumer Products Practice because it meets a growing and important need for an increasing number of companies, and we have put together an outstanding team to partner with them. Having a leader with Mike's Consumer Product Goods (CPG) experience is a big advantage for Conway MacKenzie in this industry. Beyond his decades of working in-house for blue chip CPG companies, Mike brings a practical approach to solving the complex challenges faced by many in this space. As a hands-on CEO for multiple companies, he understands first-hand how to navigate the complex Consumer Products Customer channels. He's also assembled a great team who work side-by-side with company executives on workable solutions that unlock growth with commercial and operational excellence." 

Mr. Musso added: "What sets Conway MacKenzie's Consumer Products Practice apart is the unique team we have put together having had decades of diverse financial, operating, branding and e-commerce experience. Additionally, with the retail landscape in disarray, having a strong real estate team is critical to helping our clients navigate the many issues associated with declining traffic and footprint challenges. By providing practical solutions tailored to the unique challenges of each client, we help companies successfully manage the significant changes at hand."

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