EFH Bankruptcy Deadlines Fixed


The U.S. Bankruptcy Court issued an order scheduling certain hearing dates and deadlines and establishing certain protocols in connection with the Joint Plan of Reorganization of Energy Future Holdings/Energy Future Intermediate Holding Company.

The order states, “The Court strongly encourages the parties to resolve all objections to the Disclosure Statement hearing, encourages the parties to resolve all evidentiary disputes before the confirmation hearing, and strongly discourages the parties from pursuing expensive, time-consuming and unnecessary discovery or litigation regarding the adequacy of the Disclosure Statement or confirmation of the Plan.”

The following dates were fixed by the Court: August 18, 2017: deadline to object to Disclosure statement; August 29, 2017: date of start of Disclosure Statement hearing; August 31, 2017: date by which E-Side Debtors must file the final Disclosure Statement; October 12, 2017: deadline to object to the Plan; October 24, 2017: date of commencement of the Plan confirmation hearing.

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