Breitburn Energy Post-Bankruptcy Directors/Officers Identified


Breitburn Energy Partners filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court a notice of initial directors and officers for New Permian Corp.

The notice states, “In accordance with Section 6.10 of the Debtors’ Third Amended Joint Chapter 11 plan…upon the Effective Date, the individuals listed below are proposed to serve as members of the initial board of directors and/or officers of New Permian Corp: Paul Triggianias director, Andy Taylor as director, Mike Tomkins as director and Jason Cansler as president, chief executive officer, and director, Jeremy McKamey as chief accounting officer and treasurer and Julien Smythe as vice president – finance & secretary.”

As previously reported, the Company’s Third Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan [with Technical Amendments] Amended Plan is premised on the division of the Debtors’ assets and existing businesses into two separate entities upon the occurrence of its effective date: (a) a newly-formed limited liability company (“LegacyCo”) that will own all of the Debtors’ assets other than certain assets located in the Permian Basin and (b) a newly-formed corporation (“New Permian Corp.”) that will acquire all of the equity of a newly-formed limited liability company that will own the Permian Assets.

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