Breitburn Energy Bankruptcy Plan Filed


Breitburn Energy Partners filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court a Third Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan (with technical amendments).

According to documents filed with the Court, “The Technical Amendments constitute technical changes and clarifications and do not materially adversely affect or change the treatment of any Claims or Interests…except as expressly amended by the Technical Amendments, all other provisions of the Third Amended Plan remain unaffected and in full force and effect.”

The Debtors also filed a second amended Plan Supplement, which contains the following exhibits: Exhibit A: schedule of rejected contracts (amends and supersedes Exhibit A to the amended Supplement); Exhibit B: schedule of assumed employee obligations (amends and supersedes Exhibit B to the amended Supplement); Exhibit C: schedule of assumed executory contracts and unexpired leases (amends and supersedes Exhibit C to the amended Supplement) and Exhibit N: exit facility credit agreement (amends and supersedes exhibit N to the amended Supplement).

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