Bankruptcy Management Solutions (BMS) Rebrands as “Stretto”

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January. 22, 2019 – Irvine, California-based Bankruptcy Management Solutions (BMS) unveiled a new name and brand, Stretto, intended to “reflect the company’s growth and evolution into a full-service bankruptcy-administration technology and services provider.”  

Eric Kurtzman, co-CEO at Stretto, stated, “We’re excited to announce the launch of our new brand and, in essence, a new company direction. We have not only changed the look, touch and feel of BMS, but also have grown the company from its roots as the market leader in consumer-bankruptcy services to now provide a wider array of administrative solutions to the broader fiduciary industry.” 

Jonathan Carson, Stretto’s other co-CEO and with Kurtzman a pioneering influence in the bankruptcy administration sector, added, “With our expanded focus and new brand, Stretto provides the foundation to manage the complex administrative and fiduciary needs of the corporate and consumer bankruptcy industries. While we have a new name and new look, our commitment to clients remains stronger than ever, and we are well-positioned for continued expansion and success.”

Kurtzman and Carson, who sold Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC (KCC) to Computershare in 2009, partnered with investment funds managed by Stone Point Capital LLC in acquiring the business in 2017.  Under this combined executive leadership, the company looks to offer a more comprehensive range of fiduciary services for professionals, including an expanded suite of corporate restructuring solutions, a receivership-focused practice and specialty deposits business line. 

In the press release announcing the name change, Stretto further noted the recent arrival of several new team members and bankruptcy industry veterans, including James Le as chief operating officer, Scott Barna as chief integration officer and Chris Updike as general counsel. 

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