Violin Memory KEIP Approved


The U.S. Bankruptcy Court approved Violin Memory’s key employee incentive plan (KEIP) and payment of a bonus.

As previously reported, “The Debtor seeks to implement the KEIP for three (3) noninsider employees (the ‘KEIP Participants’) to pursue sales and marketing of the Debtor’s products and services. The KEIP Participants have unique and specialized knowledge and experience regarding the Debtor’s assets and industry, and the Debtor believes their services are critical for a value-maximizing sale process. Providing these employees with reasonable and appropriate incentives designed to maximize and preserve the value of the Debtor’s estate is a reasonable and appropriate exercise of the Debtor’s business judgment.”

In addition, “The Debtor also seeks authority to pay the Bonus which is a prepetition-earned bonus by a former non-insider (the ‘Bonus Recipient’), in exchange for entry into a sixty (60) day consulting services agreement (the ‘Consulting Agreement’) pursuant to which the Bonus Recipient shall be available to the Debtor on an as-needed basis, including with respect to due diligence inquiries by potential purchasers of the Debtor’s assets. The satisfaction of the Bonus and related entry into the Consulting Agreement is necessary to maximize value for the Debtor’s estate as this will aid in the Debtor’s effort to ensure a successful sales process for the benefit of the Debtor’s estate. The Bonus Recipient’s highly specialized and unique knowledge regarding the Debtor’s assets is essential for a value-maximizing sale process.”

The Court also approved the Debtors petition to file certain KEIP exhibits under seal.

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