Vanguard Natural Resources Emergency Motions Filed


Vanguard Natural Resources filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court separate emergency motions to continue the April 5, 2017 hearing to consider the Debtors’ Disclosure Statement and financing motion.

The Disclosure Statement continuance motion explains, “The Debtors continue to be engaged in discussions to resolve outstanding issues with certain parties in interest. Accordingly, the Debtors request entry of an order, continuing the hearing on the Disclosure Statement to April 13, 2017 without prejudice to the Debtors’ right to further adjourn the Disclosure Statement.”

In addition, “Moreover, the Debtors have agreed to extend the deadline to object to the Disclosure Statement to April 10, 2017. The Debtors respectfully submit that an emergency hearing is appropriate given that the Court was scheduled to otherwise hear the Disclosure Statement on April 5, 2017.”

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