Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Committees Appointed


The U.S. Trustee assigned to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico case appointed an official committee of unsecured creditors. The following members will serve on the committee: Mark Richard of The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Doral Financial Corporation, Genesis Security, Puerto Rico Hospital Supply, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Total Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp .and Unitech Engineering.

The Trustee also appointed an official committee of retirees, which consists of the following members: Blanca Paniagua, Carmen Nunez, Jose Marin, Juan Ortiz, Lydia Pellot, Marcos A. Lopez, Miguel Fabre Milagros Acevedo and Rosario Pacheco.

Because of this appointment, the docket notes that the ad hoc committee of retiree’s previous motion requesting an official committee and appointing the pre-petition ad hoc retiree committee is now “denied as moot.” The Court explains, “Moreover, the Motion is inconsistent with the statutory requirements as set forth in 11 U.S.C. § 1102, as incorporated in these cases pursuant to 48 U.S.C. § 2161, in so far as it seeks the Court’s designation of specific committee members.”

In a separate notice, the Trustee states that he will not appoint an official committee of unsecured creditors in case number 17- 03284 (Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corporation {COFINA]) at this time.

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