Hancock Fabrics Exclusivity Extension Approved


The U.S. Bankruptcy Court approved Hancock Fabrics’ motion to extend the exclusive period during which the Company can solicit acceptances for its Chapter 11 Plan through and including June 30, 2017.

As previously reported, “The Debtors are mindful of this Court’s guidance to all parties in interest that the Plan process proceed without delay. Consistent with this guidance, and as discussed below, the Debtors are seeking this brief extension of the Exclusive Solicitation Period purely in an abundance of caution as a result of developments during the Disclosure Statement approval process…Plan solicitation is underway and the Debtors believe that the Plan process is presently proceeding on a consensual basis.”

In addition, “However, it has been asserted that a competing plan potentially might be filed. A competing plan process would delay confirmation of the Plan, prolonging the above-captioned chapter 11 cases and materially diminishing recovery for creditors. Therefore, the Debtors request a short extension of their exclusive right to solicit votes on a chapter 11 plan of liquidation to permit the current solicitation process to be completed and the Plan Confirmation Hearing to be held as scheduled.”

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