International Shipholding Sale Approved


The U.S. Bankruptcy Court approved International Shipholding’s motion for entry of an order (i) authorizing the Debtors to consummate the sale of the Oslo Wave; (ii) establishing January 1, 2017 as the effective date of the sale; (iii) staying distribution of the proceeds of the sale transaction pending further order of the Court and (iv) rejecting the Bareboat Charter.

As previously reported, “As the Court is aware, the Debtors have made significant progress toward bringing these chapter 11 cases to a successful resolution, including the implementation of a competitive sale process for one segment of their business (the ‘Specialty Business Sale’) and the filing of a chapter 11 plan reorganization (the ‘Plan’) for the remaining business segments. Under the Debtors’ proposed Plan, the Debtors anticipate selling certain assets that are collateral for certain prepetition debt and delivering the proceeds to the secured lenders or delivering the collateral to such secured lenders.”

In addition, “As the result of ongoing marketing efforts related to this anticipated disposition of the Debtors’ assets, the Debtors have obtained an offer from Oslo Bulk Holding Pte Ltd. (‘Buyer’) to purchase Oslo Wave for $3.3 million. The Debtors believe that the immediate sale of the Oslo Wave pursuant to this offer will maximize the value of their estates and is in the best interests of their estates.”

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